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R&D - PPI Adhesive Products

R&D - PPI Adhesive Products

Waterford Research & Development Ltd is a company within the PPI Group which continuously develops self-adhesive components for a wide range of general and specialty applications.

Waterford Research & Development Ltd develop customised self-adhesive products for interested customers, and our capabilities include a variety of precision production techniques which can process a wide range of film, foil, cloth, non woven and paper material. Coating thicknesses from 0.005mm up to 0.150mm are possible, and adhesive systems can be tailor-made to match precise specifications, and include rubber, acrylic, silicone and heat seal adhesives as well as other special adhesive types. We also provide professional advice and market know-how to interested parties, and product development includes full testing of physical, electrical and chemical properties according to international standards such as DIN, VDE, BSS, IEC, ASTM, UL, MIL and AFERA.


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